Our Products

Poultry – Eggs

Dish Eggs Small, Medium, Large, X Large, Jumpo, and other sizes

Animal Feed & Grain

Best Animal Feeds for Camels, Chicken, Sheep, Goats, Birds, and others

Threads and Fabrics

Nesting Threads, Plastic, Neat, and Colourful, Standard, and Industrial.

AD* Star Bags

Valve AD* Star Bags, different sizes, for best resistant and quality

Fresh Vegetables

Organic, No additives, and No pesticides, Growing freshly and daily from our farms.


Trucks and Heavy Load equipments for raw materials transfer and mining.

PP Woven Bags

Standard Woven Packs for Petrochemical, Agricultural, Grain and Sugar Industries.

Egg Trays

Most colorful and iconic, simple, hard, water-prove, and best paper quality.

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