Al-Ghadeer Poultry Farms

Poultry Eggs Saudi

Thirty seven years old Flagship farms in business of producing Eggs. During this year Al-Ghadeer has gone from strength to strength and has become 280 million eggs producer in a year. Al-Ghadeer ranks among the top ten poultry farms in Gulf countries. With operations of producing High vitamins Eggs across Saudi Arabia, it offers a range of poultry products and services. Al-Ghadeer markets value added eggs with the intent to provide consumers with fresh, clean and hygienic packed eggs. Today, the company’s brand Ghadeer eggs are a household name in Saudi Arabia.

Located in Al ashsa, approx. 350 kilometres from Riyadh within the Eastern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Al-Ghadeer Poultry project is the largest of its kind in the Eastern region. The Project operates covering an area of 200,000 square metres, at a cost of 150 million Saudi Riyals.

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