Al-Ghadeer Packaging Materials Factory

PP Valve Bags

Produced from virgin polypropylene material and used for packing of cement, gypsum, flour, sand, plasters, tile fix, chemicals, and other building materials.

AD*ProTex is a laminated block bottom valve Polypropylene sacks. It is ideal for filling of Cement substituting traditional Kraft paper sacks, made under collaboration, innovative and patented technology from Starlinger (AD*Star)& BSW(AD*ProTex), Austria, world renowned packaging machines manufacturers, which has revolutionized the packing of Cement.You could now also reap the benefits of this technology that shall give you the competitive edge.


• Almost zero bursting: AD*ProTex sacks with lamination can withstand drop test from up to 10 feet.
• AD*ProTex sack being stronger than Kraft paper is more tear resistant and hence can withstand rough & multiple handling.
• Better resistant to humid conditions resulting in prolonged shelf life of your product.
• Improved non-fading water and moisture resistant printing enhances the package look: added benefit to give your products.

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