Egg Trays Products

Egg Trays made of paper pulp suitable for packing approximately 30 table eggs each in different sizes of trays, it is then labeled and shipped in bundles. They are produced five different colors including White, Green, Blue, Purple, and Yellow.

Type of tray Size of tray/mm Egg sizes Capacity /tray
15.5 Lbs 292x292x47 45-60 grams S 30 eggs
17 Lbs 310x310x51  60-70 grams M 30 eggs
20 Lbs 310x310x51  70-84 grams XL 30 eggs
25 Lbs 292x292x53  94 grams XXL 20 eggs
Free size 292x292x48  Till 75 grams MINI 30 eggs
Euro trays 296x296x45 5-73 grams MINI 30 eggs
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