Egg Trays Production and Handling

Proper handling and storage of egg trays help control moisture loss, but appropriate packaging may also help prevent it. Eggs also need to breathe, hence the packaging material used must allow for the entrance of oxygen. The material used must be clean and odorless so as to prevent possible contamination and tainting. Authentic egg packaging materials can be reused, but careful attention must be paid to possible damage, odors and cleanliness.

The packaging must be made to withstand handling, storage and transport methods of the most diverse kind and to protect the eggs against temperatures that cause deterioration and humidity. Finally, consumers like to see what they are buying, especially if it concerns fresh produce. An egg package should be designed so that the customers not only recognize the product as such, but can also see the eggs they are buying.
Many factors must be taken into consideration for packaging eggs. It is important to obtain information regarding the necessary requirements for a particular market, such as:

  • quality maintenance;
  • storage facilities;
  • type of transport;
  • distance to be traveled;
  • climatic conditions;
  • time involved; and
  • costs.
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