Al-Ghadeer Egg Trays Plant (Factory)

Al-Ghadeer Egg Trays

Al-Ghadeer Egg Trays Plant has been manufacturing paper egg trays from paper pulp since 1983 and has thus acquired an extensive expertise in the egg packaging industry. The plant has an annual production capacity of 187 million egg trays. Our Keen knowledge of the egg packaging industry has helped us to develop solutions that answers the needs of today’s clients. These solutions allow you to:.

– Increase efficiency.

– Reduce operating costs.

– Increase customer satisfaction.

Considering the needs of our customers, Al Ghadeer Egg Trays Plant has increased the number of products to 28. The plant produces egg trays of different sizes (15.5, 17, 20, 25, E1, E2 & Free size) and of different colours (White, Yellow, Green & Blue) to give our customers the freedom to customise the egg tray to go hand and hand with their marketing strategy. Due to this fact, our plant has gained the trust of more customers over the years.

Egg Tray Types Product Dimensions (mm) Egg Weight (gm) Size No. of Egg
15.5 lbs 292x292x47 45-60 Small 30
17 lbs 310x310x51 60-70 Medium 30
20 lbs 310x310x51 70-84 Large & Extra Large 30
25 lbs 292x292x53 75-94 Jumbo 20
Eggtee unic or free
size (FR1)
292x292x48 Till 75 Many Size 30
Eggtee unic or free
size (FR2)
292x292x47 63-73 Many Size 30
Euro tray 292x292x45 45-73 Many Size 30
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