About Us

The enormous reserves of petroleum in the Gulf region have contributed to the unprecedented economic and demographic development of the Gulf countries. While trade within the region and with rest of the world retained its importance. The trade growth in recent years had been the steadily growing significance of intraregional trade, indicating a need to improve and expand land transport and communications link within the region as well as with other regions. Due to limited railway infrastructure in the region, therefore, the economy is more dependent on the land transport.

In view of the above facts AL GHADEER GORUP established in 1950 a transportation services to contribute and share actively in the growth of economy and started its logistic operations including quarry, over hauling of raw materials to different cement companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

At this stage our transportation fleet consists of 400 vehicles in operation. In addition to serving client of our factories in supply our industrial products, we are involve in long term transportation contracts with major cement factories in Saudi Arabia.

We have then grown to create eight unique businesses that contributed to the development of the national economy in the region including Al Ghadeer Poultry Farms, Al Ghadeer Egg Trays Factory, Al Ghadeer Animal Feeds Mill, Al Ghadeer Packing Sacks and Threads Manufacturing Factory, Al Ghadeer Barley Packing Terminals, and Al Ghadeer Packaging Materials Factory.

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